Plant based diet

Are you ready for the best kept secret in medicine?

Given the right conditions, the body can heal itself.

By treating the root causes of diseases with plants not pills, we can also avoid the adverse side effects of prescription drugs, which kill more than 100,000 Americans every year, making them a leading cause of death. By treating the root causes of diseases with plants not pills, we can also avoid the adverse side effects of prescription drugs.

A whole-food, plant-based diet is centered on whole, unrefined, or minimally refined plants. It’s a diet based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes;FOK_what-to-eat-infographic-square

Focus on the big changes like switching from meat, milk, and eggs to whole-plant foods. Such changes dramatically improve the nutritional composition of the foods you are eating, so this is where you will find the most noticeable and measurable improvements in your health.

Try to set up your life so that your food-related decisions are minimized and the healthiest choice is also the easiest. How to do this? Stock your house and kitchen with healthy food and be as consistent with your intentions as much as you can.

simply repeating a behavior will strengthen the habit with which you do it—so at the beginning of any dietary change, know that the first few weeks will take some work, but if you can support yourself in as many ways as possible so you repeat the behavior as frequently as possible, you’ll be paid back as it becomes habit that much more quickly.

The longer you eat plant-based, the more automatic and easier it will be, so you’ll need to rely less and less on these strategies to stay on track. Once you’re in a routine of plant-based eating, you won’t have to stop to think about it, and you can just enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Plant based diet

  1. Although I agree with you that plant based foods add substantial value to physical health, I also recognize the reality that people overwhelmingly return to following previous patterns of unhealthy behaviors.

    Each of us are unique regardless of a similar anatomy and physiology. Finding the right BALANCE of macros and making certain micro deficiencies don’t exist is likely to produce the best LONG TERM results. I have yet discovered a patient that has shortened their life expectancy or reduced their quality of health following these standards. BALANCE, in place of a rigid vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic, DASH, etc…style of eating is more likely to become a lifelong commitment.

    In my opinion, the processing of foods, the toxic chemical exposure we apply directly to our foods, the growing trend of sedentary living and the growing rates of UNRESOLVED stress have resulted in the greater harms we face today.

    Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn’t include their HEALTH in their list of priorities UNTIL it is compromised to the point they have no choice. Until we are willing to IMPLEMENT an educational learning protocol starting with children to reinforce a natural healthy lifestyle, the consumer will continue to rely on the latest “diets” and prescription “solutions” to self induced pathologies.


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