intermittent Fasting – Back to the hunter-gatherer paradigm.


Back in the days when  we were largely hunters-gatherers, When we had a successful hunt, it meant a day or two of feasting on a calorie-rich meat diet. But when the feast was over, it meant surviving on calorie-poor wild fruits, roots, and berries.

That, in turn, led over the years to a metabolic adaptation, BUT…

Fasting lowers our metabolic rate precisely because our metabolism is geared to conserve energy related to an uneven supply of calories. The problem is that actually works in opposite direction of the desire of intermittent dieters to burn more calories.

So the question is: Does Intermittent Fasting is the magic diet?

the answer to this question may hide behind some important facts:

Since humans invented agriculture about 10,000 years ago, and since humans have been introduced to processed food,  our  gut flora went through radical changes.  It is well documented that gut flora plays a crucial role in the metabolic fate of nutrients.

Today’s pre-packaged convenience foods have been processed and altered to the point of being virtually unrecognizable,nutritionally, from the real deal so obesity Is an inevitable outcome of a processed food diet.

And as obesity causes a radical change in the gut flora – the new flora actually promotes further obesity. Hunters-gatherers probably did not have this problem.

So is it possible that intermittent diets work not because of some speculative evolutionary adaptation or complicated genetic and molecular mechanism, but by tricking your mind and body into eating less, and because you’re losing weight, you’re getting all the metabolic benefits?

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