Can nutrition make you feel happier?

When my child experienced depression as a teenager, and after meeting doctors, therapists and specialists,  I felt more helpless and hopeless.

Depression is devastating and If you’ve ever gone through it on any level, you already know that. Depression affects more than 120 million people worldwide, making it the leading cause of disability, according to the World Health Organization.

Not only is depression distressing, it’s frustratingly, mockingly ironic: It’s one of the most common diseases, but uncommonly and notoriously hard to treat.

Inflammation — may interact with other proteins in the brain, promoting changes that contribute to depressive illness. 

Your gut does more than move food from one end to the other. It’s responsible for absorbing the nutrients your organs, including the brain, need to function properly, and for constraining harmful bacteria and other molecules so they can’t get access to and harm the rest of the body.

If your gut macrobiotics are out of balance, or if the problem develops, via irritation or inflammation, your brain could be in trouble as a permeable gut can encourage more inflammation in the body, turning all of this into an ongoing cycle.

Most serotonin — the feeling-happy neurotransmitter — is made in the gut, not the brain. Poor gut health could prevent its production, meaning you’ve got less of those good, happiness promoting chemicals in your brain.

Anything that makes our bodies healthier — fresh air, sunshine, clean water, exercise, vitamins and minerals, improved circulation, etc. — will make our brains healthier.

Nutrients that in particular seem to be linked to brain health:

Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids


B vitamins particularly B12


Vitamin D    






Tryptophan  – an amino acid which is a precursor to serotonin. 


Avoid foods drinks and nutrients as :




Processed foods

and don’t forget exercise and workout!

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