Do we really need to take vitamins?

Walking down the vitamin aisle this weekend made me fell a bit panicked, as there are countless options, and reading through the labels started this reaction in my mind. So I started asking myself : should I buy some? Am I doing something wrong by not consuming any vitamins supplements?


We all know that vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are essential for the human body. The question is how can we get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need just from our daily diet? Is it possible at all? Or maybe we need some supplement just in case we missed something in our daily diet…..

I asked few certified nutrition specialist: Can we live without supplements?

And here is what they said:

Sure we can.But we’re highly likely to be missing some essential nutrients and almost certain to have less than the optimal amounts of many others. it is very helpful to take vitamins in addition to practicing a healthy diet. In a world full of processed foods, supplementing nutrients with vitamins couldn’t be more important. A lot of people skip meals, eat unhealthy food on the run, and skip green veggies with all the great nutrients that are essential for optimal health.


To many nutritionists, the issue is not really nutrients and their actual numbers, but your diet and the foods you take from a variety of different groups. Since the 1970s, our daily calories have gone up by about 450 calories and our sugar consumption has skyrocketed, not mentioning processed foods. Food is really complicated,It is not only contains nutrients, it contains a whole variety of other things that seem to be important to health that we can’t quite quantify yet. By not eating those foods and thinking you can make up the nutrient deficit by taking vitamins supplements, or combinations of them, you are depriving yourself of these other things that can potentially affect your health.

It would be great if all dietary problems could be solved with a pill, unfortunately, that’s not the case.


I’m 52 years old and I’m not taking supplements, instead I became vegan 15 years ago, stopped consuming sugar and processed foods, alcohol, soft drinks. Trying to grow my own vegetables and greens and most important – reduce stress levels in everyday life, buy avoiding people that have the gift to drain my energies and by investing more time in exercise, and in quality sleep at night.

Thank you for reading, please share with someone who needs it or leave a comment.

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