Cooking – making do with what you have!!!

You can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on cookware, but that won’t make you a good cook!

For me there are 3 golden rules when it comes to choosing my cookware:

  1. Can I cook a high quality food without it?
  2. Will this cookware  react chemically with the food I’m about to cook?
  3.  How well this cookware transfers heat from the burner beneath it to the food inside it.

There are ways to put together a nice set of cookware without completely breaking the bank. You just have some choices to make. There are the times when, for me, the splurge may not really be worth it …

While quality, health, safety and heat conduction still matter, the fact is that the expensive cookware is probably not going to last you 30 years. Even expensive cookware tend to scratch and wear out eventually.

Remember – Nothing bad is going to happen if all your cookware doesn’t match and you may be surprised – you can still cook delicious foods with it!

Because it can be challenging to discern the difference between something you really need and something you want, we often see experts/influencers in the industry shouting out advices with lists of what’s worth splurging on and what you really don’t need in an endless effort to sell you stuff.

Some people believe in buying expensive cookware. To them, price is a determinant of quality and they feel a more expensive cookware will be more durable and will give them a more pleasant user experience. Remember – it is not the cookware that you use that will determine the quality of your cooking, but it is your cooking skills that make that difference.

You can still settle for cheap cookware that have an established presence in the market, but success in the kitchen means much more than just buying some cookware and following some recipes.

Invest in cooking skills

Cooking skills have disappeared over the last few decades, a fact that became a health risk factor. In the face of today’s over reliance on fast food and processed foods I am convinced that it’s time for mandatory cook skills lessons in every school.

As I see it, cooking skills are one of the main keys to a healthy life! Reviving cooking skills will have an enormously positive impact on food choice, dietary intake and public health.

Please share your thoughts and leave a comment. Thank you again for showing interest in my work. I look forward to reading what you have to say.




2 thoughts on “Cooking – making do with what you have!!!

  1. I agree about the cookware,, I got decent set but was just from like target,,, I did invest in some good Henkel knives , but I got them at Christmas and stacked coupons on top coupons and got hell of a price,,,I have enjoy learning to cook the right way,,,


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