Chaga – The imuune Booster

Did you know? 3,300 BC: Evidence from Otzi the Iceman shows that Chaga was used by people towards the end of the Stone Age. 3,000 BC: Legends tell of an amazing birch fungus found in Western Siberia that has been used for health concerns. Chaga is used by the Khanty and other Siberian peoples. 2696 … Continue reading Chaga – The imuune Booster


Spice Up Your Health

A spice is a seed, bud, fruit, root, bark, or other substance primarily used for seasoning or coloring food. Available either fresh or dried, the flavor of a spice is derived in part from volatile oils that oxidize or evaporate when exposed to air. Grinding a spice greatly increases the rates of oxidation and evaporation … Continue reading Spice Up Your Health

Cooking – making do with what you have!!!

You can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on cookware, but that won't make you a good cook! For me there are 3 golden rules when it comes to choosing my cookware: Can I cook a high quality food without it? Will this cookware  react chemically with the food I'm about to cook?  How well … Continue reading Cooking – making do with what you have!!!