Chaga – The imuune Booster

Did you know? 3,300 BC: Evidence from Otzi the Iceman shows that Chaga was used by people towards the end of the Stone Age. 3,000 BC: Legends tell of an amazing birch fungus found in Western Siberia that has been used for health concerns. Chaga is used by the Khanty and other Siberian peoples. 2696 … Continue reading Chaga – The imuune Booster


Spice Up Your Health

A spice is a seed, bud, fruit, root, bark, or other substance primarily used for seasoning or coloring food. Available either fresh or dried, the flavor of a spice is derived in part from volatile oils that oxidize or evaporate when exposed to air. Grinding a spice greatly increases the rates of oxidation and evaporation … Continue reading Spice Up Your Health

Nutrients Inflation Syndrome in Industrial Agriculture

Plants bred to produce higher yields tend to devote less energy to other factors, like sinking deep roots and generating health-promoting compounds known as phytochemicals. Farming practices have worked hand-in-hand with plant breeding in setting the stage for nutrient decline. Modern conventional agriculture production practices, such as close plant spacing, heavy use of chemical fertilizers, … Continue reading Nutrients Inflation Syndrome in Industrial Agriculture

Do we really need to take vitamins?

Walking down the vitamin aisle this weekend made me fell a bit panicked, as there are countless options, and reading through the labels started this reaction in my mind. So I started asking myself : should I buy some? Am I doing something wrong by not consuming any vitamins supplements? We all know that vitamins, minerals, … Continue reading Do we really need to take vitamins?